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How dena is shaping the energy transition

Efficient, intelligent and sustainable this is our aim for how energy should be generated and used in future. We put it into practice with our partners and clients from the public and private sectors. Together we are involved in numerous projects and services that will advance the energy transition.

We communicate openly to find solutions to many of the unanswered questions of the energy transition. We analyse markets, identify solutions, develop strategies, build networks, support pilot projects and engage actively with the general public.
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Figures about us

dena was founded in autumn 2000
appr 650
have been launched by dena for the energy transition since it was founded.
of which 59% are women

Our topics

Renewable energies

Shaping the continued expansion

A new phase in the energy transition has begun in Germany. The focus now is increasingly on linking the energy systems. This also means transferring... read more

Our services & references

We have supported our clients in the following areas for over 15 years:

Strategy and consulting Studies and analyses Project development Market development Networks Communication