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Start Up Energy Transition

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is a global platform established by dena for innovative energy transition start-ups.

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The challenge:

Start-ups around the world are making a major contribution to the global energy transition with innovative ideas. While some countries and regions have well-established ecosystems for them, start-ups outside of these hotspots experience difficulty finding support. At the same time, companies do not have access their solutions. These promising start-ups are also often simply not visible to investors.

What we are doing:

SET Tech Festival

The annual SET Tech Festival brings together a global network of energy transition stakeholders: the best start-ups with new solutions, innovation-driven companies, investors and public organisations.

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SET Award

The Start Up Energy Transition Award is a competition for start-ups working on solutions for the global energy transition and climate protection. There have been over 3,100 applications from over 100 countries sent into the SET Award to date. In addition, the SET100 list naming the 100 best start-ups is published every year.

SET Newsroom

The SET Newsroom publishes news from the world of energy transition start-ups, including success stories, interviews, financing tips or events.

The overall outcome:

The Start Up Energy Transition (SET) platform brings together start-ups, established companies, investors and public institutions, which enables innovation potential to be realised and the energy transition to be advanced.

SET Report 2019–2021: Snapshot of the start-up energy ecosystem

In 2021, SET published the ‘SET Report 2019–2021: Snapshot of the energy ecosystem’, produced in collaboration with Early Metrics. The report explains the energy sector and the role of start-ups. It compares energy and mobility start-ups with over 3,500 start-ups from 15 industries.

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