The management team

Kristina Haverkamp has been dena’s Managing Director since October 2015. As such, she is particularly responsible for commercial administration as well as the key areas of international cooperation and sustainability in transport.

dena’s management team consists of two people. The Chief Executive position is currently vacant. Until this vacancy has been filled, Kristina Haverkamp is the authorised sole representative Managing Director of dena.

dena has continued to grow in recent years – new topics, new employees and additional locations. Kristina Haverkamp works to ensure that dena, as an expanding company, continues to be efficiently organised. This allows dena to effectively support Germany on the path to climate neutrality. 


Kristina Haverkamp, Managing Director:

Many new colleagues, more locations and increasingly international cooperation – that is both a strength and a challenge. In order to be able to continue to work together efficiently and flexibly, we have consistently modernised ourselves in terms of how we organise the topics we deal with as well as our approach to digital and mobile working.

Management office

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Managing Director

Kristina Haverkamp

Lawyer by training, Kristina Haverkamp is responsible for dena’s financial and administrative matters, along with matters related to international… Read more


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