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Flagships for waste heat

The project "Flagships of Energy-Efficient Waste Heat Use" intends to make visible the significant energy-efficiency potential through the avoidance and utilisation of waste heat — thereby motivating companies in all industries to tap into this potential.


the benefits:

A further advantage of the approach apart from acting as a beacon for industries and businesses: Companies will benefit from free consulting and comprehensive process advice from dena, from help with applying for suitable funding, from economic advantages from the tapping into of energy efficiency potential, and of course, from excellent advertising. The efforts invested in making oneself a flagship project automatically result in companies closely examining the issue, and possibly even implementing initial measures to prevent the loss of waste heat.

Information on funding options for the energy-efficient use of waste heat.

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Kurz erklärt: Wie sich industrielle Abwärme erfolgreich nutzen lässt.

Use waste heat externally with the support of the German Energy Agency (Deutsche Energie-Agentur – dena)

Experience gained from successful waste heat projects has shown that the potential for CO2-free heating supply through the use of waste heat in heat networks is gigantic. Particularly energy-intensive processes generate large quantities of waste heat, for which there is no further operational use in the companies themselves. It thus lends itself to use by third parties, for example in the municipal heating supply. Already anchored in the climate protection plans of many municipalities, the implementation of such projects often has a high chance of failing in practice. For example, the necessary players, funding, technical knowledge or experience may be lacking. dena has set itself the task of meeting this need with targeted and funded offers of support.

Are you a climate protection manager in a municipality or company which would like to take advantage of dena’s offers of support in the development of a concrete project for external use of waste heat? If so, please contact us so that we can identify your specific needs and assess the possibilities for cooperation.

Ten trailblazing role models

The challenge was as follows:

During industrial processes, valuable heat is lost as waste heat. There are two methods to counteract this: preventing and utilising waste heat. The former involves using e.g. special insulating materials, and in the latter, technologies for follow-up use. The technical prerequisites for successful implementation are there, but targeted communications strategies which make decision-makers in the various companies aware of the unused potential are lacking. In order to change this, the goal is to inform them of methods of waste heat avoidance and utilisation in a highly practical fashion.

In particular, these also include the funds provided for such projects.

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