“transition”: The new zero line – on the road to climate neutrality

Fourth issue of the energy transition magazine by dena released in English.

From Berlin via Brussels to Silicon Valley: governments and companies all over the world are stating their commitment to climate neutrality as their long-term goal. But how they plan to reach the zero line or what solutions they will use often remains unclear. The cover story of dena`s corporate magazine “transition” discusses economic and political approaches to achieving climate neutrality, shows who has already started the journey towards zero emissions and points out what we need to do next to meet the target.

Paradigm shift required
Economist Veronika Grimm, a member of Germany’s Council of Economic Experts, and dena Chief Executive Andreas Kuhlmann, agree: achieving climate neutrality will require nothing less than a paradigm shift. “We need to mobilise a large amount of capital from the private sector to really achieve the transformation,” Grimm says. That will mean moving away from intricate funding mechanisms and planning one election cycle at a time, and moving towards a climate-friendly, consistent, market-orientated energy pricing system. And that’s not all. “Anyone who wants to achieve climate neutrality needs a strategy for carbon sinks”, stresses dena CEO Kuhlmann: “Any technology that helps us to reach the goal faster is welcome.” Find the full conversation in “transition21”.

Hydrogen: business of the future
Other reports and analyses are also dedicated to key issues surrounding climate change and the integrated energy transition. How to improve the way we plan electricity and gas grids to handle the increasing complexity of energy systems? Which companies are already gearing up to focus on tackling climate change? Who is investing in hydrogen as a major business for the future? What can we do to accelerate the growth of battery charging infrastructure to keep the e-mobility boom on track? And how do start-ups all over the world revolutionise the energy sector with their innovations? Beyond that, the current issue also features congratulations on dena`s 20th birthday, for example from German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier, Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and other dena partners.

“transition” is published once a year in autumn in German. The English version of the current issue “transition21” is released as a digital version only. “transition” won a Silver Award at the Best of Content Marketing (BCM) awards 2018.

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