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dena Study Integrated Energy Transition

The goal of the Study is to make the expertise and requirements of the industry available to successfully design the second phase of the energy transition.

Our Experts

The challenge:

Reducing greenhouse gases in Germany by 80 to 95 per cent by the year 2050 requires not only the substantial expansion of renewable energy and further increasing energy efficiency, but also a fundamental transformation of the entire energy system. Hence, the dena Study Integrated Energy Transition is investigating the influence of the energy sectors of electricity, buildings, transport, and industry and their reciprocal effects and interdependencies in order to be able to derive an overall strategy across all sectors. That is because to date, there have been only a few studies which evaluate all sectors including reciprocal effects, even though the various sectors are increasingly dependent on each other e.g. due to increasing electrification. In general, companies’ prospects, practical knowledge and strategic development have been neglected. Also, with respect to infrastructure needs, acceptance and costs, there is too little knowledge to effectively transform the energy system.