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biogaspartner – the Biogas Feed-in Platform

Joint biogas feed-in. Under this motto, dena developed the project "biogaspartner – the Biogas Feed-in Platform" in collaboration with partners.

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Stepping on the gas, but doing it right

The challenge was as follows:

The biomethane industry wanted to advance the feeding-in of biogas into the German natural gas network. Unlike wind and solar energy, biogas is continuously available and can enrich the energy mix. But the use of biogas also raises a large number of controversial issues: Which processes are the most suited, which raw materials result in the best climate footprint and profitability, and where does biogas contribute the most towards realising the energy transition? One example of the use of fed-in biogas is in combined heat and power generation (CHP). In this scenario,  the gas is used both for generating heat as well as electricity. However, there is potential for improvement in this area of value creation, and in other areas as well.

This is what we did:

By creating the market-oriented platform for biogas feed-in, dena sent out a signal to initiate optimisation processes. By bringing together major players from industry, the sciences, and society on the platform, industry-specific know-how is consolidated. The Biogas Partnership is based on three core points. Firstly, transparency; the range of information is expanded, which increases the objectivity of the discussion. Secondly, acceptance: It communicates why the feeding-in of biogas is prudent. And thirdly, cooperation: By providing tried and tested business models, the collaboration of the stakeholders is intensified.

The benefits:

The possible applications for the gas fed in are manifold — apart from use in CHP installations, applications deserving mention include its use in natural gas vehicles, heating applications, or using it as a raw material in the chemical industry. In this respect, business models that are as profitable as they are ecologically compatible are possible. With its platform for biogas feed-in, dena draws the attention of the relevant stakeholders to these opportunities. Value creation at various stages — from the provision of biomass and the generation and processing of the gas to marketing, transportation, distribution, and its use — is achieved. The platform is a catalyst for both investments and innovation.

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