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STUDY: E-Kerosene for Commercial Aviation

From Green Hydrogen and CO2 from Direct Air Capture – Volumes, Cost, Area Demand and Renewable Energy Competition in the United States and Europe from 2030 to 2050

Publication Date: 9/2022
Format: DIN A4

The aviation sector must become fossil-free by 2050. This will require enormous quantities of synthetic kerosene produced from green hydrogen and sustainable CO2, so-called e-kerosene.

A study by the dena in collaboration with LUT University and Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH calculates the volumes, costs, area demand, and competition for renewable electricity of e-kerosene produced with CO2 from Direct Air Capture (DAC) in the US and Europe 2030 to 2050 in a net-zero scenario in 2050.

The study includes an executive summary presenting 14 key results, a policy primer with several actionable options for EU and US policymakers, and 6 detailed chapters elaborating on each research questions. With 51 figures and 33 tables, it is dena’s most extensive work on e-kerosene to date.

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