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dena-ADVISORY OPINION: EnerCrypt – Cyber Innovations for the Secure Energy System of the Future

Publication Date: 3/2022
Format: DIN A4

Cyber security must be innovative to meet the needs of the energy transition.

The EnerCrypt report by the dena investigates which innovative potential the energy transition holds for cyber security – and how much it will depend on cyber innovation to prevent the process of transforming the energy system falling prey to burgeoning threats from the cyber realm. The report is thus intended to stimulate discussion on the issue of cyber security in the energy industry from an innovative perspective and to highlight its significance in structuring the energy transition.

The EnerCrypt report marks the start of a series of projects and initiatives for Future Energy Lab and the dena on the issue of cyber security for the energy transition and cyber innovations. These projects and initiatives are intended to accompany the envisaged energy independence by ensuring digital sovereignty in the cyber realm and by establishing cyber security structures that meet the needs of the energy transition. Taken together, these elements lay the foundation for successfully implementing the Federal Government’s goal of achieving geopolitical independence in the electricity sector by 2035 – including the associated degree of connectivity and digitisation.

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