SET Award 2021: Five innovative start-ups awarded in the fields of energy transition

Winners from Germany, Australia and India / 543 applications from 89 countries were received

Berlin, 21.10.2021. Start Up Energy Transition, powered by the German Energy Agency (dena), in cooperation with the World Energy Council, yesterday announced the five winners of this year's fifth SET Award 2021, a competition for innovative start-ups of the energy transition. The current round is supported by our partners BayWa r.e., Berlin Partner, Future Energy Ventures, GTAI, InnoEnergy, Powercloud, Shell and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is built on three pillars: The SET Newsroom, the SET Tech Festival and the SET Award. SET is a global innovation platform supporting innovation in energy transition implemented with the conviction that a sustainable future is directly linked to innovative business models and political will. The SET platform is operated by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council (WEC) and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, creating a unique interface between the private and public sectors. This offers start-ups in the energy sector the opportunity to increase their impact and accelerate the global energy transition to counteract climate change as quickly as possible.

The fifteen SET finalists who were selected in spring 2021 from 543 applications from 89 countries, virtually presented their ideas to an international jury of experts during the SET Tech Festival. The five winning start-up were announced in the course of the SET Award Ceremony, live from the Radialsystem in Berlin.

Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO of dena: "A fast and global energy transition is key to the response to the rapid climate change. Societies must put emphasis on green innovation in all sectors if they want to achieve their climate goals. That is why Start Up Energy Transition (SET) puts innovation at the core of its work by connecting a wide range of actors in energy and mobility and by providing start-ups with the support they need to scale up their solutions. In the past years, the start-ups who applied to the SET Award showed us bold and creative solutions addressing crucial gaps and accelerating the energy transition!”


The winners of the SET Award 2021:

ecoligo GmbH, Germany | Clean Energy Generation

ecoligo enables businesses in emerging markets to use clean energy. With a fully financed solar-as-a-service solution, ecoligo makes it easy for businesses to go green and lower their energy costs. Projects are funded through crowd investing, enabling impact-driven individuals to fight the climate crisis with their investments.

Allume Energy, Australia | Demand-Side Innovation

Allume has developed a unique distribution technology, called 'SolShare', that shares solar electricity behind-the-meter to apartments within the same building. SolShare dynamically distributes power to where it is needed, maximising consumption and savings whilst minimising export.

ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH, Germany | Energy Distribution & Storage

Accure analyses battery data to increase battery lifetime and enable the full capacity of the batteries. Through cloud-computing, they give full access to data on battery performance which improves safety, reliability and sustainable usage.

kraftwerk TUBES GmbH, Germany | Smart Mobility & Transportation

kraftwerk TUBES develops advanced solid oxide fuel cells (aSOFCs) that can convert the chemical energy of hydrogen or all common efuels directly into electrical energy. This technology can be used in the automotive industry, aviation, new fields like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and surveillance, or the Internet of Things (IoT).

S4S Technologies Ltd, India | Quality Access & SDG-7

S4S develops the Solar Conduction Dryer (SCD), an electricity-free solar-powered food dehydrator that reduces the moisture content of the agricultural products so they can be preserved for up to 1 year without using any chemicals. They also install SCDs at farms, buy back the dried products and sell them to food companies.

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