07.11.2018 Berlin

A Global Perspective on Electricity Ancillary Services – Inspirations for a safe and secure energy system of the future

The dena-symposium represented a unique opportunity to learn about a different market designs and technological solutions for electricity ancillary services.

Modern society is highly dependent on electric energy. Even short-term power failures can result in sig-nificant economic losses. To ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply, supply security must be main-tained at a very high level. The energy transition will further increase the complexity of the energy sys-tem. Thus, electricity ancillary services will become even more important in the future.

In light of these developments, the dena is holding a symposium to explore how several international energy systems are dealing with this increasingly difficult challenge.

  • What are current developments abroad?
  • Where can we find role models for the development in Germany?

Participants in the symposium have the opportunity to meet local decision-makers from transmission system operators (TSO), distribution system operators (DSO), and energy companies, as well as experts from research institutes and the political environment.  Multiple international speakers will share their knowledge and experience regarding trending topics in the global electricity ancillary service sector.

The symposium was part of the dena ancillary service platform.

The detailed event program can be found here.

Partners of the dena ancillary service platform

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