3rd European Biomethane Conference 2017

In the third year’s edition of the EBC the latest trends and central aspects of European biomethane market developments will be discussed.

Download the EBC 2017-agenda here (PDF)

9.00 am

Registration & welcome coffee

Morning Session.

10.00 am

Welcome and opening remarks.

Kristina Haverkamp, Managing Director, Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – German Energy Agency

10.15 am

Key Note.

Jeffrey Skeer, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

10.35 am

Renewable Energy Directive 2: goal and changes.

Ruta Balthause, European Commission – DG Energy

11.00 am

Panel discussion: Towards an European market for renewable gases.

·         Ruta Baltause, European Commission – DG Energy

·         Jeppe Bjerg,  President of European Renewable Gas Registry

·         Kristina Haverkamp,  German Energy Agency

·         Dr. Hermann Pengg,  Audi AG

12.00 am

Networking lunch break sponsored by bmp greengas GmbH

Parallel Panels.


Panel I: Update on biomethane markets.

Panel II: Innovative technologies.

1.00 pm

Update on European biomethane markets

Jan Lehmann, STX Services B.V.

Biomethane in the energy system of the future - requirements and production technologies.

Joachim Krassowski, Fraunhofer UMSICHT

1.25 pm

New RHI and RFTO - enough for sustaining the market development in the UK?

Cirian Burns, Green Gas Certification Scheme

Bio-LNG on its way forward: Case Italy

Lorenzo Maggioni, CIB-Consorzio Italiano Biogas e Gassificazione

1.50 pm

Creating a biomethane market in Ireland - status and outlook

James Browne, Gas Networks Ireland

Cross border trade of biomethane – new verification standards

Michael Landspersky, TÜV Süd Industrie Service GmbH

2.15 pm

Biomethane in France - opportunities and obstacles

Cédric de Saint-Jouan, France Biomethane


2.40 pm

Refreshment break sponsored by BayWa r.e. Green Energy Products GmbH

Parallel Workshops.


Workshop I: Harmonization and verification of cross border trade.

Workshop II: Post Subsidy Solutions.

World Café*:

Green Mobility – The role of biomethane.

3.30 pm

The role of sustainability schemes

Peter Jürgens, REDcert GmbH

Phase out if Feed-in Tariff in Germany – implications and findings

Franz Kirchmeyr, Kompost- und Biogasverband Österreich

Discussion, e.g. about


·  What are the strengths of biomethane in the mobility sector?

·  What are the challenges?

·  How to address these challenges?

·  Blockchain as a means for verification of biomethane


3.45 pm

ERGaR - European initiative for cross border biomethane administration

Attila Kovacs, ERGaR aisbl

Best practice Solutions

Dr. Goetz Baumgarten, Evonik Industries AG

4.00 pm

Moderated discussion

Moderated discussion

5.00 pm


Moderators of Workshops and World Café

5.30 pm

Closing remarks.

5.45 pm

Get together sponsored by Landwärme GmbH

8.00 pm

End of the conference


*The World Café is a structured conversational process intended to facilitate discussion. You engage in multiple rounds of conversation in response to pre-defined questions (for example What are the strengths of biomethane in the mobility sector?), listening to the ideas of one group and adding to these. The intention is to develop insights through multiple conversations with a diverse number of people, and expand the collective knowledge of the group.

Small groups of four or five participants sit around a table and discuss an open-ended question for 20 minutes. You are encouraged to make notes and drawings on the paper tablecloths so that when you change tables you can see what previous members have expressed in their own words and images. Twice, you switch tables, discussing three questions in total. If there are more than three groups you may chose between different topics and questions. A "table host" anchors each table, welcoming incoming participants and summarizing key insights from the last round of conversation.

The European Biomethane Conference provides a platform dedicated to identifying biomethane trends and prospects in Europe. The discussion on the latest trends and central aspects from the first two conferences will be continued in 2017 with a special focus on the latest EU policy developments.
With the published draft of the Renewable Energy Directive of the European Commission in November 2016 potential framework conditions for 2030 can be envisioned for the first time. The proposed directive includes the expansion of sustainability criteria as well as mass balancing requirements for electricity and heat sectors in all member states. Furthermore, international trade activities of biomethane are gaining more and more interest across the energy industry.
The focus of the conference lies on:

•    Proposal of RED II
•    Newest developments in cross-border trading of biomethane
•    The resulting impacts on the market
•    As well as potential areas of activity

The European Biomethane Conference is organised by dena. Over the last two years the conference has attracted more than 250 participants from over 15 countries.
Be back this year to discuss developments of different national biomethane markets along with representatives from businesses, research and development, industry associations and politics.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to European Biomethane Conference 2017 in Berlin.

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