Urban energy transition: Driven by the cities

Global growth is taking place above all in urban centres: Already today, more than half the world population lives in cities, and seven out of ten people are expected to do so by the year 2050. Hence, ecological urban redevelopment is an urgent issue in many countries.

However, the challenges on the various continents can vary considerably. We present some perspectives and show you what dena has to do with them.

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dena project urban energy transition

High practical orientation and joint political impetus

Together with numerous partners from industry, dena is developing a strategic and political guideline framework for the urban energy transition. Our partners include council services and energy providers, technology and IT service providers, housing companies and mobility providers as well as logistics and commercial enterprises. The strongly practice-oriented project focuses on challenges such as the search for suitable technologies and business models, the ever-increasing digitisation and the further development of infrastructures.

"Many players have already begun to implement projects – for entire neighbourhoods or single streets – or have drafted concrete concepts. The partners want to expand their existing know-how and learn from the experience gained in other projects. At the same time, they are keen for the regulatory framework to be further developed in order to facilitate innovative approaches to integrated solutions for the energy transition in cities," says Christoph Jugel, who is responsible for the project as Head of Energy Systems.

Results of the project will be published on 26 November as part of the final project conference at the dena Energiewende-Kongress 2019.

If you have any questions about the project, you can contact the project team directly at urbane-energiewende@dena.de.

Christoph Jugel

Director, Energy Systems

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