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Saving electricity in all areas

Electricity drives modern life. So the level of efficiency shown in the production and use of electricity will be key aspects in the energy transition. Now it’s all about saving electricity. 

dena promotes this principle in many projects – from informing consumers and advising politicians, to honouring pioneers in the industrial sector.

Efficiency is the priority


Renewable energy sources are being used increasingly to produce electricity. But the energy transition is also concerned to reduce electricity consumption and to ensure that it is used as efficiently as possible.

Smartphones, refrigerators, washing machines – our everyday routines would be inconceivable without electrical devices. They are equally important in other areas as well, whether in offices and businesses, hospitals and concert halls, in data centres or on production lines. Electrical devices are becoming increasingly powerful and efficient, but also more numerous. This is clearly confirmed by the statistics.

Our projects

Energy Efficiency Networks

In the context of the Campaign, the German Federal Government has agreed with 22 associations and organisations to establish around 500 new energy efficiency networks by end of 2020.


  • Project duration: 2015 - 2020
  • Partners: BMWi and BMU + 22 industrial associations
  • Project objective: 500 networks by end of 2020:
  • Project objective: 75 PJ in primary energy savings
  • Project objective: 5 million-tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions