Ukraine: Municipal heating transition

Ukrainian cities are about to embark on a municipal heating transition, which can be made more sustainable and efficient with the help of support from and dialogue with German experts and companies. New business models and concepts are designed to help improve the municipal heating transition, and promote sustainable development and a switch to renewable energy sources in Ukrainian cities.

This is the challenge:

For many years, Ukraine has been undergoing a process of political and economic transformation, which also embraces the areas of energy supply, energy efficiency and urban development. The municipal heating sector in Ukraine is faced with a particular challenge: here, hardly anything has changed since the 1990s. Outmoded production facilities and supply systems, enormous grid losses and general grid instability, energy losses in buildings and minimal urban planning by municipalities result in low energy efficiency. There is therefore a need for solutions that can contribute to the modernisation of municipal heating supply, the sustainability of approaches to energy-efficient refurbishment of buildings and urban energy management.

What we are doing:

The main objective of the project is to support the municipal heating transition by developing new strategies and policy recommendations for Ukraine. To achieve the optimum effect, municipal heat generation must be fundamentally overhauled by introducing efficiency measures and new models. An additional key focus is sustainable urban development and structured cooperation between cities. Here it is planned to use dena’s energy and climate protection management system (EKM) in two Ukrainian municipalities.

The overall outcome:

Improving and modernising the municipal heating supply system is the core focus of the project. As part of this work, it is aimed to make a multifaceted contribution on many levels. The project is concerned with both boosting sustainable urban development and with the changeover to a municipal heating transition that includes all the key specialist topics relevant for buildings.

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