System Transformation in Ukraine

dena is pursuing the objective of charting a path for the integration of renewable energy sources within Ukraine’s electricity system. This involves utilising the experiences and insight from the energy transition in Germany to the Ukrainian partner as a means of accelerating transformation of the Ukrainian energy system.


This is the challenge:

Ukraine is currently facing similar challenges in the integration of renewable energy sources as Germany did at the beginning of the energy transition. While energy consumption is largely grouped in the central and northern regions of Ukraine, the south of the country has considerable potential for wind energy and photovoltaics. The expansion figures rose sharply after 2014 due to the attractive feed-in remuneration. However, the integration of renewable electricity is already presenting challenges for the transmission grid, despite it accounting for less than 2% of total electricity production, and the grid is increasingly afflicted by bottlenecks.

What we are doing:

The project will feature several workshops in order to facilitate exchange of experience between Ukrainian and German experts. The findings will be used to carry out an analysis into the weaknesses, challenges and potential of the Ukrainian transmission grid and to identify areas of activity and opportunities for increased integration of renewable energy sources in Ukraine.
A steering committee with members from Ukrenergo, dena and political stakeholders will accompany the project. Their task will be to align the work with the specific needs and issues in Ukraine and to maintain a clear focus on the overriding strategic objectives.
The consulting and analyses are mainly intended for the Ukrainian transmission system operator Ukrenergo, which plays a special role in the integration of renewable energy sources.

The overall outcome:

The project has two main objectives:

  • presentation of the experience acquired in Germany for the integration of large capacities of renewable energy sources within the electricity grid
  • analysis of the strengths, challenges and potential for integrating renewable energy sources into Ukraine’s transmission grid in cooperation with local participants.

By pursuing these objectives, the project will enable Ukraine to benefit from experience acquired in Germany and to implement its own energy transition more rigorously.

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