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In Start Up Energy Transition, dena is establishing a global platform for innovation in the energy transition.

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The challenge

There is a large number of start-ups around the world that are using innovative ideas to revolutionise the energy sector and are hence contributing to a successful, global energy transition. While some countries and regions have well-established ecosystems, start-ups outside of these hotspots frequently experience difficulty finding the right partners and gaining access to the new markets. Equally, companies with a need for innovative solutions are unable to source the many options that might help them rise to the coming challenges. Investors are also missing out on the opportunity to back promising companies, as access to the international markets is limited.
Society is therefore unable to tap into the significant potential to build a more sustainable future. Innovation needs to be assigned a key role in order to fulfil the ambitious targets of the Paris Climate Agreement.

What we are doing

Since its inception, SET continues to enable these connections through dena’ and WEC’ unique position at the crossroads of the private and public sector. At its core, the SET platform is built on three pillars: The SET Award, SET Tech Festival, and SET Newsroom, which makes SET an important and well-recognized international platform for innovation in the energy transition.

SET Tech Festival

The SET Tech festival brings together a global network of innovators shaping the future of energy. The one-day event allows participants to access the best start-ups in the field of energy solutions, in addition to innovation-driven corporates, investors, and public organizations leading the energy transition.

This year, the SET Tech Festival will be a physical event held on 20th September, 2022 at Heeresbäckerei, Berlin.

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SET Award

The Start Up Energy Transition Award is a competition for start-ups and young companies worldwide working on impactful ideas affecting the global energy transition and climate change. In the last six years, the award has received more than 2,700 applications from over 100 countries. In addition, every year we publish the SET100 list, an annual compilation of the 100 best start-ups of the SET Award. The SET100 Lists and the finalists of the SET Award 2022 are now released.


Download the SET100 List of 2022


SET Newsroom

To support innovation in the energy transition and give more visibility to our start-ups we use the SET platform to publish various content involving news from the energy world, the successes of our start-ups, and promote different events and challenges that the start-ups in our network might find valuable.

The overall outcome

SET helps to forge partnerships that broaden the horizon. A day full of shared content culminates in new cooperative agreements, expanding individual networks into many countries and yielding a wealth of new ideas. In doing so, the SET Network makes a tangible contribution to the success of the energy transition.

SET Report 2019-2021: Snapshot of the start-up energy ecosystem

The report, written in cooperation with our partner Early Metrics, has been released on June 29, 2021. It aims to provide readers with the latest information and give a better understanding of the energy sector, its future and its start-ups. The report compares energy and mobility start-ups to over 3,500 start-ups from 15 sectors, and analyzes the progression of the SET100 start-ups.

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