dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme

dena's RES Programme gives companies the opportunity to install renewable energy technology in prestigious institutions operating in high-value target markets, therefore enabling significant visibility.



New markets, new opportunities

The challenge was as follows:

There is no doubt that Germany is a paragon in the area of renewable energy sources. Companies in the industry possess impressive expertise and have consistently upgraded their technologies. Now they are keen to use their technologies in other countries around the world, where the meteorological and climactic conditions are frequently more favourable than in Germany. But before renewable energy technologies can become important export products, it will first be necessary to overcome inhibiting factors, minimise risks and create networks for German companies.

This is what we have done:

dena developed the “Solar Roofs Programme” as part of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy’s export initiative for renewable energies. It was later expanded as the Renewable Energy Solutions Programme to include all renewable energy sources. The RES Programme targets companies that would like to establish their technology on a foreign market. Companies keen to take part should submit a written application with a proposal for a reference project as a basis for the planned market development. Project costs are eligible for funding up to an amount of 235,000 euros. 45 percent will be carried by BMWi as part of its Energy Export Initiative, and the participating companies will provide 55 percent of the funding themselves. The dena expert team offers assistance in creating networks and in the individual marketing activities. Applications are only admitted during the application periods, which are communicated by official notice. 

The benefits:

Whether in the field of photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar cooling, bioenergy, geothermal energy, wind energy or hydroelectric power: German expertise, German engineering and the quality of German products are showcased convincingly on an international stage. Within the Energy Export Initiative, participating companies receive support in sustainably cultivating their chosen market. German suppliers in the industry will also receive more orders. What’s more, the expertise acquired in this way flows back into the German energy market as an additional driver of innovation. In a nutshell: a win-win-win situation.





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Shaping the continued expansion

A new phase in the energy transition has begun in Germany. The focus now is increasingly on linking the energy systems. This also means transferring knowledge and technology to international partners.

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