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dena is represented as the German member in the European network of national energy agencies EnR (European Energy Network), and contributes experiences and expertise from Germany.

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Networking European stakeholders in the energy sector is key to successfully increasing energy efficiency and expanding renewable energies. That is why dena is a member of the European network of national energy agencies (European Energy Network - EnR). It uses its position to put forward opinions and perspectives from dena and Germany.

dena was president of EnR in 2016

In 2016 dena held the one-year presidency of the EnR, currently the Energy Saving Trust (EST) in the United Kingdom holds this position. During dena's term of office, the focus was on integrated energy transition and energy and climate targets for 2030. Other focus topics in recent years have been energy poverty and international cooperation.

dena in EnR

Since 2004, dena has been contributing its experience and expertise from Germany to the network's cooperation in implementing EU programmes and standards in the energy sector. For this purpose, it takes part in annual committee meetings, working group meetings and other EnR events. Together with the other member agencies, it prepares information for inquiries by the EU Commission for example, and is involved in organising and holding workshops on specific subjects.

dena has been part of six of the eight working groups for many years: Energy Efficiency, Buildings, Transport, Labelling and Ecodesign as well as Industry and Renewable Energy. It also chairs the latter. 

The European Energy Network

EnR is a federation currently comprising 24 national energy agencies from Europe and neighbouring countries. Since 1992, it has supported European stakeholders in implementing EU directives and adds the expertise of its member agencies to the political debate at an EU level. EnR focuses on all matters relevant to implementing a sustainable energy policy – from raising energy efficiency and expanding renewable energy sources to developing the energy infrastructure.

Impressions from the EnR Energy Dialogue with geea on 8 November 2016 in Brussels

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