German-Turkish Energy Partnership

This project supports German-Turkish energy co-operation in the areas of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure and linking sectors. Besides collaboration in working groups, it also involves the implementation of joint pilot projects, specialist workshops and delegation visits.


This is the challenge:

The German-Turkish Energy Partnership was launched in 2011 with the aim of boosting bilateral cooperation in energy matters and anchoring it formally in an annual Energy Forum with ministerial participation. At the German-Turkish Energy Forum in autumn 2018, the two countries agreed to implement common initiatives in the areas of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure and linking sectors.

For this purpose, institutions, associations and stakeholders from private industry in both countries were networked together and involved in the implementation of the agreed measures. The process is supported by intensive consulting, joint events and systematic sharing of German expertise.

What we are doing:

The German-Turkish Energy Forum is organised into four working groups. dena occupies the German Co-chair positions in the following working groups:

Working group 1: renewable energy sources

  • Offshore wind energy
  • Roof-mounted PV systems and storage technologies
  • Education centre for renewable energy sources

Working group 2: energy efficiency

  • ESCO market development
  • German-Turkish energy efficiency network
  • Developing instruments for energy efficiency auctions

Working group 3: energy infrastructure and linking sectors

  • Storage technologies
  • Integrating renewable energy sources into the distribution and transmission grids
  • Heating and cooling with renewable energy sources

dena deals with the key topics specified above through workshops, study trips and specialist events, in close consultation with the responsible ministers and the German Energy Forum Secretariat (Chambers of Commerce Abroad).

The overall outcome:

The pilot projects and events dealing with these topic areas of energy policy reinforce German-Turkish collaboration on the political and economic level. The key themes of this collaboration are constantly undergoing further refinement in the ongoing working group meetings.


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