EU HEROES - EU routes for High pEnetration of solaR PV into lOcal nEtworkS

EU Heroes is a European partnership project that identifies obstacles to the development of municipal solar PV projects and develops solutions.

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This is the challenge:

Away from feed-in tariffs and towards decentralised supply. Photovoltaics (PV) is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy. The EU HEROES project has therefore set itself the goal of enabling local communities to benefit from an improved grid connection. The aim is to support cooperation between municipalities and hence to reduce CO2 emissions. This requires innovative new business models that are adapted to regional structures. The obstacles to achieving system integration must be jointly identified in order to continue with the development and implementation of new business models as a means of facilitating access to the energy transition for decentralised PV energy communities.

What we are doing:

EU HEROES is bringing PV energy communities and grid operators together to develop new approaches to grid integration. Storage system solutions and models relating to captive consumption and electricity trading within regional structures are examined in cooperative agreements with the project partners from Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, especially with regard to grid integration. Moreover, the strengths and weaknesses of current business models are analysed in order to develop fresh ideas on this basis. The partners use the findings to formulate joint recommendations for action and policy for the European Commission with the aim of ensuring continuous growth within the EU.

The overall outcome:

The project brought together grid operators, municipal experts for solar power and energy specialists and therefore enabled the development of models for the use of PV energy that will support the continued growth of municipal solar energy. Pilot projects are being developed and implemented by grid actors and PV energy communities with the support of experts. The experience acquired over the duration of the projects will be available for review in a final report after completion of the project. As a result of this, the project contributes to grid connectivity for municipal PV systems.

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