Pilot Project DSM Bavaria

In collaboration with Bavarian companies and the Bavarian state government, dena is conducting a flagship project for the analysis and establishment of demand side management potential.


Varying demand to achieve targets

the challenge was as follows:

At peak periods, bottlenecks may occur in the supply of energy — particularly as the percentage of energy from renewable sources increases. Demand side management (DSM) is a concept that helps to ensure the reliability of the grid and planning despite this. In this concept, companies determine the existing "sheddable" loads in their energy infrastructure. Devices which are not urgently required when the supply of energy is low are turned off temporarily. This "shifts" these loads to periods with lower energy prices. In return, the  energy clients will receive financial incentives. Despite this, too few people know of and use this interesting model. 

this is what we did:

With the goal of an improved utilisation of DSM potential in the industrial and business sectors, dena launched the Pilot Project DSM Bavaria. In this project, interruptible loads are identified and recorded — together with Bavarian companies and other relevant stakeholders, and with support from the Bavarian state government. Subsequently, dena illustrates how the potential identified can be used and marketed to energy suppliers, and also helps out with implementation. Furthermore, this does not take place where the public is unable to see it. On the contrary: The progress and the results of the project will be communicated to the outside world in a highly visible manner.

the benefits:

The furthering of the DSM business model, in which companies receive financial incentives from energy suppliers for temporarily refraining from switching on selected electricity consumers, is a significant component for the success of the energy transition. The flexibility in the balancing out of supply and demand, which is achieved through this fashion, is of great value for the overall stability of the electricity grid, which in turn benefits the integration of renewable energy. Through dena's public relations work, large sections of the Bavarian population will find out what the term DSM means and how they themselves can benefit from it.

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