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In the future, renewable energy, storage facilities and other alternative providers of ancillary services can and must make a greater contribution towards the security and stability of our electricity system. With the aim of creating the necessary framework conditions in a swift and timely manner, the dena Ancillary Services Platform pools the results of individual activities in the field of future ancillary services, identifies areas in which action is required and promotes exchange between and communication with experts.

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Grid stability required to support a high share of renewable energy sources in the electricity supply.

The German government has decided to increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity supply to up to 80 percent by 2050. This new course significantly changes both the relevant requirements and the technological and economic options available in the provision of ancillary services which are to ensure secure and stable grid operation.

The results of the dena Ancillary Services Study 2030 show that, in principle, technological solutions exist for all types of ancillary services that guarantee the current level of stability, reliability and quality of the power system in the future. The content and schedule of the measures necessary to advance the provision of ancillary services have been presented in the Ancillary Services 2030 Roadmap. The Ancillary Services Platform serves to actively shape and promote the implementation of the Ancillary Services 2030 Roadmap.

The activities of the platform, which will be coordinated by dena, have been planned for a three-year period ending in autumn 2017. Among them are the continuous recording and evaluation of ongoing activities in the field of ancillary services, the pooling of key projects and institutions in this field, the development of process standards applicable to the coordination of transmission grid, distribution grid and system operators as well as the consolidation and communicating results and recommended courses of action to politicians and experts.

Aside from dena, the platform also involves grid operators and technology manufacturers as well as renewable energy operators and project developers. Close cooperation has been agreed with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The platform also welcomes new partners willing to provide their experience and skills to support the platform’s work or benefit from an exchange of knowledge.

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