Combined Heat and Power Generation

The combined generation of heat and power (CHP) makes a significant contribution to increasing energy efficiency where generation is concerned. Furthermore, CHP can be used to reduce costs both in the industrial sector as well as in households.


dena develops strategies for the further expansion of efficiency technology

The upcoming renewal of the power plant fleet, the consensus regarding a nuclear phaseout, and increasing energy prices require the use of highly efficient technologies for electricity generation. Through the combined generation of electricity and heat (CHP), a much larger percentage of the primary energy used can be converted into useful energy than without such an arrangement. The combined generation of heat and power (CHP) can therefore contribute significantly to increasing energy efficiency where generation is concerned, thereby saving resources as well as protecting the environment and the climate.

CHP is an efficiency technology that can be used in centralised heating power plants to supply entire neighbourhoods with district heating and in the industrial sector to provide process heat as well as providing buildings with energy for heating and electricity in a decentralised fashion.

dena supports politicians with positions on laws and directives which involve combined heat and power generation (KWKG, EnWG, EEG, EnEV, EnStG) and develops strategies for the further expansion of this efficiency technology. In this regard, dena recognises in particular the great demand for information and consulting offerings for potential operators of decentralised CHP installations.

In the projects coordinated by dena for the modernisation of buildings and for developing efficiency potential through energy services companies (contracting), decentralised combined heat and power plants (CHPs) are often used. In addition to primary energy, this also provides users with significant energy cost savings through the generation of their own electricity. By providing supporting tools, dena assists property management companies with the assessment and acquisition of CHP installations.

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