Energy-Efficient Street Lighting

The events of the roadshow inform municipalities across Germany of practical solutions, proven technologies, as well as sustainable planning and financing aspects on the topic of street lighting.

A ray of light for the environment

The challenge was as follows:

Brightly and safely lit roads through the entire night are something most people take for granted — but the associated costs are considerable. 40 % of municipal electricity consumption comes from street lighting. If it were possible to operate the approx. 9 million lamps in a more energy-efficient fashion, it could save around 300 million euros. One of the best starting points for improvements: The modernisation of high-pressure mercury vapour lamps which are still widely used. Since 2015, they are no longer allowed to be sold on the European market, and are slated to be replaced by energy-efficient technologies over the medium term.

this is what we did:

Due to this, dena launched a series of events under the name "Energy-Efficient Street Lighting Roadshow", which has been touring Germany since 2014 and will keep on touring until the end of 2016 with 15 regional information events. In this manner, municipalities will get to know the available technologies as well as planning and financing aspects related to lighting.  In addition to information on modernisation practices, the roadshow will also focus on direct discussions at the events. Furthermore, the roadshow will also be flanked by a specialist exhibition on energy-efficient lighting solutions.

the benefits:

Because municipalities, experts, and companies specialising in lighting technologies will be brought together in a targeted fashion at the roadshow, important contacts will be forged. Towns and local communities will receive valuable support for launching modernisation measures for installing state-of-the-art street lighting that saves both money and energy. By doing so, Germany will come even closer to its long-term goals in the context of the energy transition.

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