Energy-Efficient Municipalities in Russia

dena has developed an energy and climate protection management system (ECM) with which municipalities can systematically and sustainably reduce their energy consumption. Following successful application in German and Chinese cities dena’s ECM will be implemented in Russian municipalities, taking into account specific local circumstances.


The challenge:

The rapidly growing cities play a decisive role in energy saving and climate protection. The political agenda is therefore increasingly focusing on questions related to energy efficiency at the municipality level. The importance of municipalities for energy saving is also gaining in significance in the eyes of the Russian public. Some municipalities in Russia are already implementing measures aimed at reducing energy consumption. However, a systematic approach is often lacking, which means that the energy-saving potential remains untapped.

Our solution:

Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency – has developed an energy and climate protection management system (ECM) which helps municipalities to successfully implement energy efficiency projects and exploit their savings potential to optimum effect. In many areas of activity municipalities have numerous possibilities of exercising an influence on energy efficiency and climate protection, for example in the operation of their public buildings, street lighting, road traffic and the energy supply infrastructure in the municipality.
Following the successful implementation of dena’s ECM in German and Chinese cities, the approach will be tested in Russian pilot municipalities. dena will provide these pilot municipalities with support and advice.

What this will lead to:

Russian municipalities will be motivated to continually and sustainably increase energy efficiency in areas of public activity and will be provided with guidance on how to achieve this. In cooperation with the Energy Centre of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, dena will determine the need to adjust the ECM to the particular circumstances of Russian municipalities and adjust the apparatus of the ECM to their specific characteristics. dena will then provide support to the pilot municipalities in the planning and implementation of two efficiency measures each. The practical effect of dena’s ECM, with regard to increasing energy efficiency at the municipality level, will be demonstrated, and it will be possible to transfer this practical effect to further municipalities.
With a view to extend the ECM, incorporating the experience of the two pilot municipalities, the consultation series will initially be carried out in two selected Russian regions.

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