China: Energy Trends of the Future

dena identifies new trends and changes affecting the market environment and political conditions in the areas of climate protection and the energy transition in China. The project “China: Energy Trends of the Future” is conducting pioneering work for future bilateral cooperation between the BMWi and China.


This is the challenge:

China is already the largest energy consumer and producer in the world. Current forecasts assume that primary energy consumption will continue to increase and will roughly double by 2040. The energy policy trends and developments in China are thus of huge significance for global efforts to combat climate change. There is great interest on both the German and Chinese sides in further developing the exchange of know-how and joint funding of innovative approaches in the areas of climate protection and the energy transition.

What we are doing:

dena is supporting the BMWi in implementing the international energy and climate policy targets of the federal government. In an initial phase the focus of systematic monitoring and the evaluation of trends and regulatory frameworks are the subjects of “green financing” and the configuration of distribution grid deregulation. The results flow into workshops and working groups that are part of the German-Chinese Energy Partnership (EP). From a technical point of view, a leading role is being played on the German side by the BMWi and on the Chinese side by the National Energy Agency (NEA).

The overall outcome:

One of dena’s central concerns to date has been to disseminate the experience of the German energy transition in China and raise the awareness of Chinese energy industry players of the challenges of the energy transition. With the project “Energy Trends of the Future”, developments arising from the Chinese energy transition will now also be more precisely observed and examined in terms of whether it is possible to apply them in Germany and Europe. Cooperative approaches are also increasingly coming to the fore, including with a view to possible future German-Chinese partner projects in third countries.

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