Ideas competition "Making climate-friendly building and refurbishment desirable"

The competition “RE:frame energy efficiency. New ideas for climate-friendly buildings” is part of the climate protection action plan which sets out strategic goals and measures for achieving the energy policy goals by 2020.



The challenge:

Climate-friendly and energy-efficient building and refurbishment has not been in demand enough so far among the population, neither in detached houses or big residential buildings, nor in so-called non-residential buildings such as museums, schools or department stores. Far too little is being done in terms of energy-efficient refurbishment to achieve the energy policy targets set for the whole of Germany by the years 2020 and 2050 respectively. An energy-efficient and almost climate-neutral total number of buildings in Germany thus slips almost out of view for 2050 and, with it, also a supporting pillar for a successful energy transition. The ideas competition of the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Ministry of Building is intended to discover new communicative approaches which can contribute to making climate-friendly building and refurbishment desirable and linking them to positive "lifestyle" qualities such as hip, cool, modern, stylish and sustainable.

What we will do:

The Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency will, together with the energy and environmental management consultancy Pöschk and the agency mc-Quadrat, develop the concept for the competition and will carry it out together with the project partners.

The ideas competition will be made possible and funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and will be implemented by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

The competition will be supported by an interdisciplinary group of experts. The experts have made suggestions for the design of the competition from various "non-building" perspectives, which have been included in the competition dossier. By virtue of the exchange of expertise with renowned experts from various fields such as social sciences, economics, cultural studies, marketing etc., the participants in the competition will be given ideas for developing innovative contributions to the competition. By including this expertise from outside the industry, an innovative path will be taken which focuses just as much on the factor "human being" as an individual, social being and consumer as on insights from the fields of marketing, innovation research and product development. The experts are invited to contribute suggestions from the viewpoint of their respective specialist disciplines and jointly develop ideas that will be included in the content of the competition design. Thus, the participants in the competition are to be shown new search areas and measures as well as courses of action for developing their contributions to the competition.

The ideas competition was launched in May 2018 under the title "RE:frame energy efficiency. New ideas for climate- friendly buildings”.

Media partners include the magazines enorm along with Business Punk and Capital.

What it will lead to:

The results of the two-year project are to be presented to the public at a festive awards ceremony in early 2019. With the creative and innovative ideas to turn climate-friendly building and refurbishment into a lifestyle issue, new stimuli are to be given to help bring about a paradigm shift in the energy transition in the building sector.

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