Eco-Cities in China

dena plays a major role in German-Chinese cooperation in the field of environmentally-friendly urban development. This cooperation centres on practical criteria relating to sustainable urban infrastructure as well as strategies and management instruments. In 21 pilot cities in China, energy efficiency technologies and service offerings from German companies are to be demonstrated, evaluated, and further developed.


The beginning of a partnership

The challenge was as follows:

While environmental protection and energy efficiency in China were often secondary to the goal of economic success in the past, this attitude is currently changing. The paradigm shift is based in part on the realisation that the goals are by no means mutually exclusive, but instead need to be reconciled. In order to achieve major advances in energy efficiency, China could benefit from German know-how, while German companies could receive easier access to the Chinese market. For this purpose, basic conditions need to be created that are in the interest of all involved parties.

the benefits:

In the exemplary Eco-Cities, important findings will be obtained which, after analysis and evaluation have been carried out, can then be applied to other cities. Furthermore, the solutions developed in Germany will be put to the test in the real world by subjecting them to the rigours of daily life in China. By doing so, the technological partnership between the two countries will gain a solid foundation of trust for the future. Conversely, experience from the projects will flow back to Germany as international know-how, and help with the successful implementation of the energy transition there as well.

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