dena Report on Buildings

Buildings offer vast potential for energy savings and energy efficiency. The dena Report on Buildings gives a comprehensive overview on the current energy efficiency of buildings in Germany, and compiles all of the important information in a clear form.

Statistics and analyses of energy efficiency in German building stock.

The energy turnaround crucially depends on improved energy efficiency in buildings: the official target is an 80-percent reduction in the demand for primary energy in this area by 2050. To achieve this aim, politicians and market players require in-depth information regarding the current situation and future trends in the German building stock.

The dena Report on Buildings contains the main data relating to energy efficiency in German buildings. It also addresses ownership and tenancy structures as well as energy efficiency framework conditions. Aside from current figures on building stocks, the report also lists past data to facilitate analysis of developments that took place as a consequence of economic, political and historic events. The compiled figures are presented as charts and explained in bullet points.

The Report on Buildings is largely based on previously unpublished data collected by dena and on sources that facilitate continuous data collection and updating in the future. The report is usually published annually. In future updates, dena also intends to include more information on non-residential buildings as well as additional analyses and scenarios.

The Report on Buildings has been drawn up primarily for the benefit of decision-makers in politics, the economy and associations. It provides a regularly updated overview of the market for energy-efficient buildings, both new constructions and refurbishments. Research institutions and media representatives will find answers in the report to central questions regarding energy efficiency in buildings, e.g. which buildings and groups of owners offer the largest potential for energy-efficient refurbishment.


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