Refurbishment Roadmaps for Large Building Portfolios

The energy targets enshrined within state and Federal Government policies present significant challenges to the owners and operators of state-owned properties. The public sector is required to act as a role model, so these institutions find themselves under significant pressure to act in a certain way. This is why the Refurbishment Roadmaps for Large Building Portfolios that dena provides are designed for the long term.


Refurbishment Roadmaps for Large Building Portfolios

dena offers the creation of refurbishment roadmaps for large building portfolios. This provides property operators with clear information on the long-term ecological and financial objectives they can achieve by making certain investments in buildings and construction technology.

As a basis for strategic action plans, Refurbishment Roadmaps help remove obstacles in the ongoing refurbishment of large building properties. dena has already prepared refurbishment roadmaps for residential and non-residential building portfolios, among others for the Institute of Federal Real Estate and the Brandenburgischer Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen. dena developed a refurbishment strategy for 150,000 residential units owned by Deutsche Annington (today: Vonovia) that also highlighted the social, economic and energy efficiency aspects.

The first step in developing a Refurbishment Roadmap is to collect detailed data on site. Possible refurbishment measures are weighted and a prioritised list prepared based on criteria defined by the client – for instance the targeted primary energy savings and the maximum investment volume. A schedule is then drafted for each phase of the refurbishment process.

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