Discussion processes

Cooperating to make the heating transition a success

A culture of discussion that appreciates and connects a variety of opinions is needed in order to improve energy efficiency in buildings. 

The Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) German Energy Agency, uses the Allianz für Gebäude-Energie-Effizienz (geea), Alliance for Building Energy Efficiency to ensure that these discussions processes are successful. 

Discussion processes

Developing the heat transition in dialogue

Buildings will have to become more efficient if the energy transition is to succeed. Aiming to successfully structure this heating transition, the dena-initiated and coordinated Allianz für Gebäude-Energie-Effizienz (geea, Alliance for Building Energy Efficiency ensures constructive communication between various stakeholders and actors.

geea introduces the competency and experience of its members into the discussion processes with political actors and other stakeholders. The aim is to encourage debate and hence to drive forward the energy transition together.

The alliance’s political work involves talks and appointments with members of parliament and delegates from the relevant ministries. Moreover, geea provides close support to the Federal Government’s discussion platforms that are designed to help the energy transition succeed. geea’s activities go beyond the national level, and it also meets regularly with representatives of the Federal States and the European Union.

Would you like to read more about geea’s communicative tasks and its concrete activities? You will find additional information at geea.info. Are you interested in ways to improve energy efficiency in buildings and suitable funding programmes? Visit die-hauswende.de.

Projects on the topic

dena Report on Buildings

Buildings offer vast potential for energy savings and energy efficiency. The dena Report on Buildings gives a comprehensive overview on the current energy efficiency of buildings in Germany, and compiles all of the important information in a clear form.


  • Published annually since 2012
  • The key facts on energy efficiency in buildings, 200 pages
  • Analyses, forecasts and scenarios are presented in clear charts and explained in bullet points
  • Range of topics: from residential and non-residential buildings to  owner and tenant structures  in  the context of political, economic and historical events

geea – “Allianz für Gebäude-Energie-Effizienz” (Alliance for Building Energy Efficiency)

The “Allianz für Gebäude-Energie-Effizienz” (geea) – “Alliance for Building Energy Efficiency” is a cross-sector consortium of leading enterprises and associations in the field of energy efficiency in buildings.


  • Project start: 2011
  • Positions and dialogue for greater energy efficiency
  • Implementation of numerous events
  • Participation in various dialogue formats
  • 2016: 5th anniversary
  • 2016: almost 40 members