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Building owners face exacting challenges in the energy-efficient construction or refurbishment of their properties. It is therefore crucial to bring in highly qualified experts like energy consultants, engineers, architects, skilled trades firms and planners in order to build a high quality efficient house.

The tools offered by Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena), German Energy Agency ensure that the experts always remain up-to-date, while also providing useful assistance in everyday work routines. Click here for more information on the services.

Tools for high consulting quality

How dena supports energy consultants in their everyday work

Experts for energy-efficient building and refurbishment face particular challenges throughout the planning, execution and monitoring processes of energy-efficient building and refurbishment projects. dena has developed useful tools to help them in their work, which experts can access on the energy-efficient construction and refurbishment (FEBS) portal. FEBS replaces the Service for Experts.

The planning, support and execution of energy-efficiency building and refurbishment projects is a complex task for everyone involved. It is essential at all times to pursue an integral approach, which means perceiving the house as a system and paying attention to the interfaces between all trades involved in the process. This is why dena provides architects, engineers and skilled trades firms with a variety of tools for their work. The aim is to increase the quality of energy-efficiency results and at the same time to ease the workload in the experts’ daily routines.

Tested tools

For instance, energy consultants can use the practical “Check Lists for Planning and Building”. They ensure effective and simple data collection in residential buildings, for instance during a consultation on energy or the preparation of energy performance certificates. In addition, they are useful resources to allow continuous monitoring of the building and refurbishment phase. The check lists on diagnosis, planning, implementation and handover make it easier for the experts to keep everything under control and to achieve high quality.

Energy consultants can use the “Cost Effectiveness” tool to communicate clearly and comprehensibly to homeowners whether the planned investments in energy-efficient refurbishment are worthwhile, thereby helping them to reach a measured decision. The free tool compares the additional costs of energy efficiency measures with the expected savings in energy costs, and also considers any available funding. A guide to cost effectiveness rounds off this particular service.

Reference works for energy consultants

dena has prepared numerous technical publications that energy consultants are welcome to use. They include the Energy Performance Certificate Guideline and the Thermal Bridge Guideline and the Planning Manual. Experts can download numerous publications free of charge from the FEBS download area.

Click here to access the FEBS

Whether it is energy performance certificates, the German Energy Saving Ordinance or energy balances – FEBS provides experts with plenty of useful information on the subject of energy-efficient building and refurbishment. The FAQ section provides answers to some frequent enquiries. Other questions can be placed conveniently by telephone or e-mail. The dena experts are delighted to assist as quickly as possible.

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Database of Energy Efficiency Experts for Government Funding Programmes

Investors can consult the Database of Energy Efficiency Experts for Government Funding Programmes to find experts in the area of energy-efficient building and refurbishment.


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