Power to Gas Strategy Platform,

dena has been in charge of the Power to Gas Strategy Platform since 2011. Together with partners from business, associations and science, it analyses the importance of Power to Gas for the use of renewable electricity and defines the conditions for utilisation of the system solution for economical and large-scale technical deployment.

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Power for the energy transition

the challenge was as follows:

Great hopes have been placed in power to gas technology. According to all the information available to date, it appears to be the ideal option for storing large quantities of renewable electricity as gas. This gas, either in the form of hydrogen or methane, can then be used for transportation, for generating heat, for industrial processes, or converted back into electricity. Hence, power to gas offers a promising alternative to or complements other forms of storage. However, in Germany, only around a dozen demonstration installations for this future technology currently exist. In order to be able to plan and develop business models in a concrete and long-term fashion, targeted efforts are necessary.

this is what we did:

To kick off research and implementation, dena developed the Power to Gas Strategy Platform. This platform serves as a hub for collaborations and workshops with the involvement of economic stakeholders, associations, and the sciences. Since 2011, power to gas technology has been discussed, analysed, and advanced on the platform. Furthermore, it also acts as a bridge to the political sphere and informs the public of the significance and potential of power to gas. Interested parties can visit (Note. Website is currently deactivated) to read up on all important information on the current development status in a visually appealing form.

the benefits:

The efforts described are undertaken for a good reason. The potential of power to gas is stunning in its versatility, which could make it even more important for the energy transition. With the existing natural gas network in Germany, large and high-performance capacities are already available for storage. The expected progress where power to gas and renewable energy are concerned will result in synergy effects which could help the new technology reach a breakthrough. Finally, the many application possibilities for hydrogen and methane — such as for heating systems, as a fuel for motors, as well as for coolant and fertiliser — make power to gas a solution which simultaneously satisfies various challenges.

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