LNG study for heavy goods traffic

With the English and German study, dena summarised the current developmental status of LNG in heavy goods traffic, and illustrated the challenges as well as necessary measures for a ramp up of the fuel on the German market. The study is the starting point for the LNG task force as a joint development platform for LNG in road traffic.

Study on LNG in road freight transport

The challenge was as follows:

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plays an important role for achieving the federal government's energy and climate policy goals. However, it is currently not yet in widespread use in German road freight transport: Countries such as China, France, the Netherlands or the USA have more real-world experience in this regard. There is a need to catch up in this area, particularly since the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) predicts that the volume of transportation in Germany will increase by 39 % by the year 2030 as compared to 2010. Higher energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental pollution will result. Hence, despite the increasing efficiency of vehicles, alternative drive and fuel concepts will be required in order to reduce emissions in road freight transport over the short term as well. In order to establish LNG as a competitive alternative to diesel, better background information and a joint market development strategy will be necessary.

this is what we did:

dena took on the challenge and compiled a white paper on the topic of liquefied natural gas in road freight transport. Although it focuses on the German market, it also contains an outlook for the market development in other countries. The goal here was to illustrate the enormous emissions reduction potential through LNG in an easily understandable manner. Relevant market barriers were pointed out and recommended courses of action provided for politicians and the economy. Because one particularly prominent application of LNG is in long-haul road freight, the study was compiled for the international target group in German and English.

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