The expansion of renewable energies and the resulting gain in fluctuating power input are increasing the need for more flexibility in the electric power system. One option for providing more flexibili


transition 23 – confidence and determination

Issue six of the German Energy Agency’s energy transition magazine: Into the future with confidence and determination. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, a worldwide energy crisis, inflati


dena-Factsheet: dena-Plattform Digitale Energiewelt.

Das Factsheet bietet zentrale Informationen zur Plattform Digitale Energiewelt, die Akteure aller Branchen zusammenbringt, um übergreifende Fragestellungen und Handlungsoptionen im Kontext der Digital

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dena Grid Study III

ABSCHLUSSBERICHT: dena-Netzstudie III More information This was the challenge: Our energy grids for electricity, gas, hydrogen and, on a local level, for heat bring energy supply and demand together.

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