Vulnerabilities in smart meter infrastructure – can blockchain provide a solution?

dena-HINTERGRUNDPAPIER Vulnerabilities in smart meter infrastructure – can blockchain provide a solution? Results from a panel discussion at EventHorizon2017 Wie kann die Blockchain-Technologie die Datensicherheit beim Einsatz von Smart Metern erhöhen? Über diese Frage informiert eine englischsprachige [...] der Blockchain-Konferenz EventHorizon 2017 geführt haben. Nach Einschätzung einiger Diskussionsteilnehmer sind die derzeit international gebräuchlichen Protokolle für die Kommunikation zwischen Energieversorgern, intelligenten Zählern und Haushaltsgeräten nicht ausreichend geschützt. Blockchain habe


Blockchain in the integrated energy transition

finding  of the dena study "Blockchain in the integrated energy transition". It analyses use cases for blockchain in the energy system with regard to technological maturity, competition with other digital technologies, economic benefits, strategic added value and regulatory environment. Recommendations [...] The use of blockchain in specific fields of application in the energy industry can represent added value for companies from an economic, technological and regulatory point of view, although these dimensions must always be evaluated separately and weighed against each other. This is an essential finding  [...] ions for action were derived for politics, the energy industry and the blockchain scene. The study was carried out together with the following partners: Alliander, BKW, cronos Unternehmensberatung, DKB, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg, EWE NETZ, General Electric, items, ista International, Mainova, Netz

Articles Interview: Christoph Frei

“Electricity is the new oil”

to changes in technology. Due to the uncertainty of innovation we added new issues to the Monitor Survey, for example the Internet of Things and Blockchain. Regarding Europe, renewables have become the main action priority due to the increasing understanding of renewable energies and its potential to

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