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System Transformation in Ukraine

The objective of the project was to chart a path for the integration of renewable energy sources into Ukraine’s electricity system. This involved utilising experiences and insights from the German energy transition in order to accelerate the transformation of the Ukrainian energy system.


The project “System transformation for an optimised integration of renewable energies in Ukraine” was carried out by dena with support of Elia Grid International (EGI) and iC consulenten (iC).

The project focused on providing advice for power grid optimisation as well as on identifying policy challenges and recommendations for the better integration of renewable energy sources (RES).

The specific trainings for the TSO Ukrenergo were carried out by EGI with the German TSO 50 Hertz. In these trainings, 50Hertz gave practical insights into its network operations and German technology providers demonstrated best practice examples for grid operation at each training. The analysis of the workshops and trainings was summarised in the following publications:

  • AS-IS Report (EGI): The document highlights the current situation of the Ukrainian power system - as well as key challenges regarding RE integration into the system.
  • Gap Analysis (EGI): Following five expert workshops, a gap analysis report for the transmission grid was developed. This additional document analyses the situation of the Ukrainian TSO and emphasises important aspects that would benefit from improvements.
  • Status Analysis (iC Consulenten): The document illustrates the current status of the Ukrainian energy policy on RES.
  • Final Report and recommendations (iC Consulenten):  Following a close collaboration including five expert workshops a final policy recommendation report was created.
  • Final Report (dena): The report summarizes all challenges and measures published in the above mentioned reports. Both technical and legal aspects are highlighted. The central topics are integration of RE into the power grid, general framework conditions and market design.

The “System Transformation”-project is the basis for the newly established working group “Renewables” within the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership, which started its work in August 2020. Detailed information on the partnership and the working group can be found here.

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