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Energy Export Initiative

dena has been preparing relevant market information for the German renewable energy sector and providing export advice to companies in the industry since 2002. dena also advertises “German Energy Solutions” abroad and assists German suppliers in the development of high-profile flagship projects.


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New energy for the world

The challenge was as follows:

The chances of becoming internationally successful in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency are great. dena helps German companies to overcome both imagined and actual hurdles. There is a constant need for clarification and information: How are the basic legal and economic conditions in the target market, to what extent do renewable energy and energy efficiency already play a role? What is the market potential of each region? How can politics and the industry give companies the necessary push and the feeling that they are not alone in their entrepreneurial endeavours?

This is what we did:

Commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), dena is implementing a wide range of measures under the title "Energy Export Initiative". With both domestic and overseas events, marketing materials, information on overseas markets, and reference projects worldwide, it caters  specifically to companies from the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

When doing so, the Export Initiative focuses on complete solutions, in which both measures for increasing energy efficiency as well as renewable energy are utilised.

The goal of the Energy Export Initiative is to strengthen the position of German know-how at the international level and also to disseminate it, thereby making a contribution to global climate protection. In particular, small and medium-sized companies are provided with support for developing new markets. Already as part of their first market explorations, companies can take part in a constructive exchange of information with the Energy Export Initiative and dena.

The benefits:

Since being founded in the year 2002, the Export Initiative has established itself as an indispensable instrument for companies which wish to be active overseas. In addition to direct consultation on the strategic alignment of the initiative, dena has further developed renewable energy markets via business trips, information events, and delegation trips, and directly networked companies with decision-makers overseas. At the same time, it provides German companies with information on foreign markets for a successful entry into the market, and presents German companies in a high-profile manner with their offerings and services regarding demonstration projects, exhibitions, and brochures around the world. In summary: The Energy Export Initiative is a strong driving force for exports and jobs as well as climate protection.

Renewable energies

Shaping the continued expansion

A new phase in the energy transition has begun in Germany. The focus now is increasingly on linking the energy systems. This also means transferring knowledge and technology to international partners.

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