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Involvement in the European Energy Network – EnR

EnR is a voluntary network that is currently comprised of 25 energy agencies throughout Europe. Its aim is to facilitate an active, organised exchange on the European energy transition.

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The challenge:

The European energy transition needs Member States to cooperate with one another if it is to be successful. European energy policy is particularly effective when all nations pull together to achieve the most coordinated regulation possible.

Our solution:

The EnR supports European stakeholders in the implementation of EU directives and contributes the expertise of its member agencies to the political discussion at EU level. The focus is on increasing energy efficiency, expanding renewable energies and modernising the energy infrastructure. dena held the EnR presidency for the first time 2016, and for the second time in 2023.

The effect:

The exchange and pooled expertise of the European energy agencies promotes practical regulation at EU level (legislation, funding programmes, standards). In turn, the states receive support in the implementation.

Handover of the EnR Presidency to dena Managing Director Kristina Haverkamp

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