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International Policy Exchange on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The Energy Efficiency Hub is an initiative within the G20 to strengthen multilateral cooperation in energy efficiency. The German Energy Agency (dena) acts as an implementing organisation that promotes energy efficiency in buildings through the exchange of political information.

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The challenge

Buildings consume a lot of energy and emit a lot of greenhouse gases. Increasing their energy efficiency is therefore essential to achieving global climate targets. Financing renovations and refurbishments is often a major challenge. What is needed are innovative solutions that meet current energy and economic conditions and an integrated approach that combines energy efficiency measures, renewable energies and digitalization. In addition, the building, energy generation, industry and transport sectors must be considered together. Scaling best practices and fostering international cooperation helps with successful implementation.

Our solution

The Task Group on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) provides a platform for structured dialogue between governments. As the secretariat of the EEB, dena promotes the active exchange of best practices for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. It supports the continuous cooperation of established institutions in this field and their members – Argentina, Brazil, the European Commission, Germany, Korea, the People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia. The focus is on short-term measures in the building sector (e.g. the use of heat pumps or programmes to reduce energy costs), the life cycle perspective and in-depth renovation models.

Der Effekt

By fostering multilateral cooperation between policymakers, the EEB Task Group plays a central role in achieving sustainable energy efficiency targets in the building sector. The exchange of experience within the framework of the EEB actively contributes to the development of new efficiency measures and ensures that successful strategies can be adopted. The EEB not only leverages the diverse experience of its Hub members, but also actively seeks synergies with other initiatives. This strategic approach enhances the collective understanding of effective energy efficiency practices in the building sector in order to make concrete progress towards a more sustainable future.

Our expert

Ludwig Labuzinski


Senior Expert, International Building & Construction


Picture: shutterstock/ Roman Babakin