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Franco-German Energy Platform

The Franco-German Energy Platform is a collaboration between dena and the French energy agency ADEME for cross-border projects.


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the challenge was as follows:

In Germany, we have the energy transition; in France it is the "transition énergétique pour la croissance verte": Both countries are currently redesigning their national energy systems, and both require European solutions. The political will for collaboration is great. Collaboration in energy-related issues has been one of the priorities of Franco-German consultations for several years. The spatial proximity between the two major national electricity markets in Europe also makes closer coordination a natural next step, as does the increasing fusion and integration of their energy industries. Despite this, there has been a lack of joint projects that would translate this political willingness into action.

Grafik zu den Handlungsfeldern der Deutsch-Französischen Energieplattform

this is what we did:

After the official announcement from the Franco-German council of ministers, an intensive exchange of information took place between dena and its partner, the French energy and environmental agency ADEME. Spheres of activity and joint challenges were defined. Through a joint platform at the interface between politics and the economy, a long-term partnership between the national energy agencies will be established. Based on this, close collaboration with partners on both sides of the border will be used to develop and launch projects in the areas of energy efficiency, grids, renewable energy, and mobility.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Die Deutsch-Französische-Energieplattform als Schnittstelle zwischen Politik, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft

the benefits:

The consolidation of the expertise and networks of the partners of both countries promotes mutual understanding for the respective challenges and needs during the restructuring of the energy systems. Real-world collaboration will be used to broaden horizons for other approaches and solutions. Joint challenges, such as increasing the refurbishment rate, the regional linking of generation and consumption, or the modernisation of the grids, will be made visible. This aims to clearly point out the added value of a partnership, namely a more cost-efficient and sustainable energy system.

Hence, the Franco-German Energy Platform will make a contribution towards allowing the energy transition in both countries to transcend national borders and to boosting bilateral as well as European cooperation.

Further information is provided on the website of the German-French Energy Platform

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