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Serial refurbishment

Serial refurbishment solutions such as the ‘Energiesprong’ concept combine digital planning and standardised processes with the prefabrication of façade and roof elements as well as energy modules. This means that existing buildings can be brought up to the climate-neutral NetZero standard quickly, easily and affordably.

The challenge:

Existing buildings are responsible for one third of CO₂ emissions in Germany and are therefore a key lever for achieving the climate targets. By 2045, around three quarters of the 22 million buildings will have to be refurbished to make them more energy-efficient. Complex planning, high investments and a lack of skilled workers slow down the urgently needed modernisation efforts and lead to a refurbishment rate that is far too low.

Our solution:

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz, BMWK), dena is establishing the Dutch serial refurbishment concept (‘Energiesprong’) on the German market. The ‘Energiesprong’ concept makes energy-efficient building refurbishment fast, affordable and scalable. dena’s team brings together property companies, public and private owners of existing buildings, construction companies, manufacturers and architectural firms and planning offices in pilot projects. dena advocates optimal support programmes and the removal of regulatory hurdles. Together with the teams from the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, dena is also exchanging information on serial NetZero refurbishments in the Mustbe0 project.

The effect:

The refurbishment of existing buildings is developing from an individual refurbishment project with many individual services to a serial, scalable refurbishment product as a turnkey package solution. With the help of digital planning, extensive prefabrication and standardised processes, existing buildings can be brought up to the climate-neutral NetZero standard quickly, easily and affordably despite a shortage of skilled workers. In addition, serial refurbishments create new innovative business models that strengthen Germany as a business location.

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