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Federal-state dialogue event: Contracting

Energy contracting is an effective instrument for increasing energy efficiency in buildings. Contracting reduces energy costs, ensures low energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions, This makes it an important instrument for the success of the energy transition. In order to tap into contracting potential all over Germany, dena operates the Centre of Expertise for Contracting for Buildings with support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

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Goal: Building efficiency

The energy transition brings with it opportunities for the creation of new markets and service sectors. One good example of this is contracting. This involves a building owner entrusting tasks which serve to improve the efficiency of his property to a contractor. The contractor then develops a tailored concept for the respective building and implements it independently. His scope of responsibilities includes tasks ranging from servicing and maintenance to necessary investments. Because this business model offers a wide range of advantages, but is still not sufficiently well-known, it is necessary to increase awareness of it and its acceptance among the owners of buildings and property.

This is what we did:

In order to boost the success of contracting on the market, together with the Federal Ministry of Transport, dena founded the Centre of Expertise for Contracting for Buildings. The centre fulfils a wide range of roles: Among other things, it imparts basic knowledge and details on project implementation and sets standards for preparing and executing contracting projects — including guidelines, sample contracts, and calculation aids. At the same time, it also laid the cornerstone for a country-wide network of experts consisting of state energy agencies and state authorities and/or state offices. At the moment, the focus is on the dialogue between the federal and state governments, with the goal of removing hurdles for the realisation of energy efficiency services and strengthening regional competencies.

The benefits:

The Centre of Expertise for Contracting informs owners of buildings and properties of interesting alternative efficiency measures they can implement on their own — measures they may not have noticed before. Furthermore, it also contributes to improving the regulatory framework for the service. With the Centre of Expertise, a platform has been created which increases the transparency of contracting on the German energy market. In addition, as an innovative business model, contracting creates jobs, thereby contributing to increasing the visibility of the goals of the energy transition in general.

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