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Eco-Cities in China

The Eco Cities in China project develops practice-oriented criteria for the sustainability of urban infrastructure and appropriate strategies and management instruments. In 27 pilot cities in China, proven German energy efficiency technologies and services are being tested and further developed.


The challenge

While climate protection and energy efficiency in China have often taken a back seat to the goal of economic success in the past, a paradigm shift is now underway. This shift is based, among other things, on the realization that these goals are by no means mutually exclusive but rather can be harmonized. In order to achieve significant progress in climate protection and the enhancement of energy efficiency, China and Germany intend to work together on innovative solutions in the future. This requires creating conditions that align with the interests of all parties involved.

Our solution

dena played a significant role in engaging the building ministries of both countries in a fruitful collaboration. A key focal point was the strategic approach of viewing a city as a whole – akin to a functioning organism, where the interaction of various factors such as buildings, energy, transportation, water, and waste is crucial. To this end, 27 pilot cities in China have participated in the program, undergoing transformation into energy-efficient eco-cities through the implementation of the dena Energy and Climate Protection Management (EKM) process, with the aim of serving as showcases for sustainable urban development for other cities.

The outcome

In the exemplary Eco-Cities, valuable insights are gained that can be applied to other cities. Furthermore, solutions jointly developed by Germany and China undergo practical testing in the everyday Chinese context. This process establishes a solid foundation of trust for the future technological collaboration between the two countries. Reciprocally, the experiences derived from these projects, serving as invaluable international expertise, circulate back to Germany, contributing to the effective execution of its energy transition.

Eco-Cities in China

Eco-Cities (with ongoing projects)

  • Chuzhou
  • Guigang
  • Handan
  • Jingzhou
  • Jining
  • Meishan
  • Nanjing
  • Qingdao
  • Rizhao
  • Tianjin Daqiuzhuang
  • Tianjin Jizhou
  • Tongling
  • Weihai
  • Xiangyang

Eco-Cities (without ongoing projects)

  • Baiyin
  • Haimen
  • Huai-An
  • Huailai
  • Jiangyou
  • Jilin
  • Urumqi
  • Yantai
  • Yinchuan
  • Yixing
  • Zhangjiakou

Publication on the topic

Future Cities, New Economy, and Shared City Prosperity Driven by Technological Innovations (EN/CN)

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