Energy systems of the future

Step for step, Germany’s energy supply is switching to renewable energy sources. This process comes with a new set of challenges. Production will depend increasingly on the weather and will be provided by larger numbers of decentralised units.

The many different components of the energy system need to be connected and coordinated intelligently. dena develops solutions for an integrated energy system – in close dialogue with partners in all the relevant sectors.

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How grid operators and energy producers ‘react’ to one other – and how dena is involved

Reactive power and other ancillary services help grid operators to ensure that the voltage and frequency in the electricity grid remains stable. As the use of renewable energy sources increases, these services will become more and more important. How should they be configured in future? Who is going to provide them? Under what conditions? To answer questions like these, dena has set up its Ancillary Services Platform.

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A visit to a hybrid power plant

In Prenzlau, they have electricity in bottles. And how is dena involved?

Power to Gas technology, which is being tested at the hybrid power plant in Prenzlau, could be the solution for one of the largest challenges of the energy transition: it allows green electricity to be converted into gas, thereby making it possible to store it. During a visit to the power plant, we find out how this technology works, its significance for the future of electricity supply, and what role the dena strategy platform plays in this. read more