Efficiency first

Many people will initially think of renewable energies when they hear the term “energy transition”. But increasing energy efficiency is at least as important. Let’s not forget: the greenest kilowatt hour is the one that is never produced.

The expertise that dena brings to the table makes it an essential partner to industry and politics in the development and implementation of energy efficiency strategies. A valuable source of information, dena promotes networks and develops solutions.

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The world’s biggest snowboard factory is using a river to supply its heating and cooling needs. How is dena involved?

The winners of the Energy Efficiency Award have proved it: investment in energy efficiency pays off. With the aid of modern technology or innovative energy concepts, companies in industry, trade and commerce can achieve persuasive returns.

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Efficiency is the priority

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Private households

Energy efficiency at home

Numerous domestic appliances need energy to operate. dena helps to identify and use potential savings – for a personal energy transition at home. read more

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