Launch: Drawdown Europe

From Project Drawdown’s initial collaborative research project on the most substantive solutions to reverse global warming and subsequent worldwide interest in adopting drawdown as a framework for local and national action comes Drawdown Europe, an initiative of the German Energy Agency (dena) and Climate-KIC, that will act as a center of research, innovation, implementation and demonstration around solutions and the Drawdown framework, capitalizing on European expertise and knowledge.

Perhaps now more than ever is Europe poised to play a frontline role in leading the way toward draw-down. Germany, with its “Energiewende”, Paris, with its plans to abolish combustion engines by 2030, and the EU 2020 targets are only a few of the many remarkable policies and initiatives undertaken within Europe. At the heart of it all is a massive community of researchers, activists, business-leaders, politicians, policymakers and organizations who put forth and support solutions. The objective of Drawdown Europe will be to better unite these actors in order to strengthen and give more voice to the European coalition of those working toward reversing global warming – including strengthening research, innovation, funding, political agendas and public awareness.

This official launch event will initiate this new European “hub”, welcome new partners on board, and inspire and motivate the European (and international) public to join this grand coalition against climate change in order to identify the key climate priorities for Europe.

Hear keynotes and TED-style talks from brilliant entrepreneurs, researchers and activists, such as Per Espen Stokes (Psychologist and Economist), Chad Frischmann (Drawdown), Danny Kennedy (California Clean Energy Fund), Lucia Bakulumpagi-Wamala (Bakulu Power), Jules Kortenhorst (Rocky Mountain Institute), and more. These individuals will highlight the role that each different sector in society has when it comes to achieving a low-carbon world. It is not only about individual responsibility and initiative, but also about cooperation, knowledge-exchanges and new, joint ideas. Together, we will hone in on the strong role of innovation, the strong role of research, and the need for strong political and private sector cooperation when it comes to achieving our shared climate goals!

Palais Kulturbrauerei Berlin

Palais Kulturbrauerei Berlin

Schönhauser Allee 36