22 - 10/23/2019

German-Turkish Energy Forum

The German-Turkish Energy Forum is a cooperation on energy issues between the two countries promoting collaboration and the development of concrete bilateral projects in the field of energy between Turkey and Germany.

The German-Turkish Energy Partnership was established in 2012 with the aim of intensifying bilateral energy cooperation. This year’s annual Energy Forum, with the participation of the German Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, Peter Altmaier, and his Turkish counterpart, Fatih Dönmez, is intended to promote the exchange of experiences, opportunities and challenges of the global energy system transformation and the identification of possible measures.

The focus of the energy partnership is the intensification of cooperation, in particular in the areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure and sector coupling, as well as in the regulation of the electricity and gas markets.

The regular working group meetings and high-level bilateral meetings have enabled and continue to facilitate an intensive political and technical exchange between German and Turkish decision-makers and stakeholders on the energy system transformation. Since the inception of the Partnership, numerous expert workshops, round tables and study trips have facilitated the investigation of topics of strategic cooperation . Beyond this, the aim is the initiation of concrete pilot projects involving companies and institutions from both countries. The results of these investigations, the encouraging developments and innovative approaches of this intensified cooperation will be presented at this year's Energy Forum in Berlin in October.

German-Turkish Energy Partnership