Drawdown Europe Call to Action Event

What are the most effective local and national actions to reverse global warming? Drawdown maps, measures and models the top 100 solutions that will shape our climate future.

Drawdown Europe, an initiative of the German Energy Agency (dena) and EIT Climate-KIC, was launched in 2018 and stems from Project Drawdown's initial collaborative research project seeking the most substantive solutions to reversing global warming. The project aims to apply Drawdown as a framework for local and national action. The aim of Drawdown Europe is to act as a centre of research, innovation, implementation and demonstration around solutions using the Drawdown framework and capitalizing on European expertise and knowledge.

The second gathering of Drawdown Europe will celebrate the launch of the German translation of the Drawdown book, and under the umbrella of the "100 solutions" proposed in the book, inspire a Call to Action in the fight against climate change across Europe. The event will be opened by the German Minister for the Environment, Ms. Svenja Schulze. Keynotes from high-profile leaders and TED-style talks from brilliant experts and entrepreneurs will shine a light on the most exciting solutions around climate change. We will end the evening with a reception and opportunity for networking to shape the next steps in implementing the Drawdown solutions. This event will allow us to recognize the strong role of innovation, research and the need for strong political and private sector co-operation when it comes to achieving our shared climate goals!

Concept and agenda

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